50 Shades of Lavender: An Anonymous Confession of Lust and Fulfillment

                                                                          My Confession 

I must confess to more than a several shameful things that I dare not ever express aloud. I tremble with fear as I think back to those experiences and wonder what people would think if they knew about the things I had done and of the great pleasure that consumed my soul. It’s rather off-putting to hear someone drag on about their turmoil without first relying sufficient details to invoke interest in stated turmoil. Hence, I will proceed to start unveiling the background for my turmoil and make my anonymous confession.

Illusions of Fulfillment  

I’ve always watched my reputation. In other words I was always friends with the popular and influential. I put more affect into creating a good image than actually going out and doing the cliché live your life thing. It appeared to be a brilliant plan and as the years passed I quickly became the things socially marked as ideal and successful. I earned my bachelor’s degree in business in only three years and passed the bar exam with flying colors. My husband and I met during law school and married the summer after graduation. We started a family shortly after both gaining tenure at respected law firms. Our family expanded to include two bright and inquisitive young daughters. I often felt much guilt over trying to balance a successful law career with motherhood. Working 70 hours a week and sending your children to daycare was not in alignment with the image of the perfect and loving mother. I started to research other ways to keep my career yet still have time for my girls. A local private college was searching for another pre-law faculty member and I applied and was selected for the position. I was ecstatic! I had finally found the perfect solution to my struggles. My daughters were now in 1st and 3rd grade and I would be home in the evenings and summers like the ideal mother.

A Shameful Yet Pleasurable Distraction 

However, the first day of class shattered all of my carefully laid out plans and shatters the lovely image painted so far of my life. I had been confident about my ability to teach and effectively communicate with my students after years as a criminal defense lawyer. Additionally, I was wearing a suit which flattered my figure well and gave my bum give the appearance of being more rounded than it actually appeared while in my birthday suit. I had arrived to class early in order to write a few important points about the syllabi on the dry erase board in front of class. Suddenly, I felt an odd thrill or jolt rush though me and completely throw me off guard. I turned around under guise of checking a paper on my desk and noticed several new students had entered the room. Yet, one in particular had me spell bound. He had a cocky air about him and wearing his college football jacket although the weather hardly called for a jacket. I could already tell that in addition to making me wet he would be an unruly student prone to distractions. He was sitting with two other guys also wearing their football jackets; they all were clearly aware of the attention they generated and scanning the room for this semester’s classroom flirtation.  I was so engrossed in watching these interactions take place I lost myself and snapped back into the moment when I realized the cocky football jock had noticed and was staring me right in the eye. I automatically flashed him a quick smile in attempts to cover for my blunder. I breathed a sigh of relief though as he immediately smiled and gave me a sly wink before turning to chat with the girl sitting in the next row.

Distraction or Obsession? 

Yet, I should have worried about the influence he was having over my ability to concentrate as I suddenly realized class was supposed to have started two minutes ago.  I quickly outlined the course requirement for the semester and dismissed the class. I was too distracted to be a hard ass and start teaching actual content on the first day of class. I was arranging my papers to return to my office when I realized that the jock responsible for my distraction was lingering and walking up to my desk. I hated myself as I felt my already wet pussy begin to throb as I noticed his gaze as he walked up to ask a question. He casually introduced himself as Jake Hardston before mischievously stating that he could feel this would be a memorable semester for us both and that I was a wonderful professor.  My cheeks flushed and I felt embarrassed that this young jock could clearly sense my attraction and lording his control over me for amusement. I quickly thanked him and told him another class stated in this room in 10 minutes and that I must be going back to my office. But he was still not finished teasing me for the day and picked up my stack of papers as he offered to carry them back to my office. I had the presence of mind to inform him that my available office hours are listed on the syllabi and retreated into the solitude of my office.

The Coming of Trouble 

I scarcely knew what to think at this point in time as I was embarrassed yet so very wet and horny. I had an hour free before I had to go teach my next class so I gave in to the urge to slip my hands down my pants and finally touch my aching clit. I rarely masturbate as it takes me a good deal of time to fully get myself off and life gets so busy. Although, I would actually prefer to have sex, of course. Yet my husband and I barely have had sex since our children were born; our lives completely occupied between work and parenthood. I was amazed over how wet I felt as I slipped two fingers into my pussy as I continued to massage my clit. I soon lost all though of anything as wave after wave of pleasure started overcoming me and I started to cum in my office chair. A knock on the door registered in my brain yet I couldn’t stop or even be bothered to worry about the person outside the door. I was transfixed into euphoria and felt as though nothing could hold be back. By this point I had cum but I wasn’t satisfied or finished as this drug still controlled my every desire. I wanted to be naked and lying on my desk waiting to look up into that cursed jock’s mischievous smile before he used me as his little play thing. My passion was unstoppable as I slipped out of my suit and dug through my purse to find the hairbrush I used to do my hair that morning in the car. I bent over my desk and started to fuck my pussy as deep and fast as I could in this delirious state. I couldn’t help but moan as I climaxed more than I had ever before experienced in my life. I knew I had a terrible yet ever so gratifying problem.

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